Custom Collages

Nina Boesch creates custom collages. The sizing/pricing listed on this page reflect the actual artwork sizes. The frames (included in the price) are slightly larger, accommodating for matting. Shipping rates within the U.S. range between $15 and $55, but you can always pick up your collage in person for free (on weekdays in the Lower Manhattan or on weekends in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn). If you would like your artwork shipped internationally, Nina Boesch is happy to provide you with the shipping rate based on your mailing address.

To order a custom collage please email Nina Boesch and feel free to attach a photo no larger than 5MB:

Please note, that Nina Boesch does not create portraits of people unless they are known to her, such as sports or entertainment personalities.

Pricing for custom collages:

8"x10": $550
11"x14": $950
16"x20": $1,600

Turn-around time for custom collages:

8"x10": 1-2 weeks
11"x14": 2-3 weeks
16"x20": 3-4 weeks